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Arizona Filing Tips

Arizona Frequently Asked Questions

I want to keep my home or business address off the LLC or corporation forms. Can I list your address as the known place of business in Arizona?

The ACC requires you to list a known place of business in Arizona.  Most foreign corporations and foreign LLCs do not actually have a known place of business in Arizona.  On the foreign LLC and corporation forms, you just leave this section blank and our statutory agent address will be used. If you are forming a domestic Arizona company, you can use our statutory agent address for this requirement if you would like.

Any tips that will help make sure my filing is not denied by the Arizona Corporations Commission?

If you are registering a foreign corporation; well, we’re sorry.  Please make sure to send in your certificate of disclosure with your filing!!!  We see too many clients that wait 8 weeks for the AZ Corporations Commission to deny your filing for forgetting to send this in.  This is in your online account as well.   You ALSO need to submit a certified copy of your articles of incorporation from your home state, dated within 60 days.  You ALSO need a certificate of good standing.  THEN you have to publish in the newspaper after you’re all done.  THEN the newspaper will file the affidavit of publication.  We have recommended the cheapest newspapers to publish with, and have their order forms inside your online account.  Amazing what we make you go through huh.  Hey at least it’s free to change your agent!!


How do I get your signature once you become my statutory agent?

We have signed all the forms as your Arizona statutory agent and have them ready for you inside your online account as soon as you sign up.